If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen me promoting a 10 Day Mind & Body Reset that I was running.  While it is a program that I sell for clients to participate in, I decided to go through it myself.

I know that the title “Reset” may not be the best seller, so my tagline is “Real Food Detox”.  Detoxes seem to be a pretty common fad these days, and while I DO NOT DO FADS, or really even short-term programs, there is something to be said for challenging oneself for a short period of time, and blessing your body with a chance to heal while helping your liver detox.

The liver detoxes your body.  That is its actual purpose.  So to say you are going to “do a detox” is a bit of a misnomer, because you are detoxing all the time.  However, your liver doesn’t have the easiest job of it in this modern world.  Pollution, pesticides, junk foods and foods that don’t qualify as food, and lots of coffee and alcohol can make things difficult, which is one reason I do find that taking 10 days to eat great food, and keep the hard-to-detox stuff to a minimum is actually a great idea.

I do not mean with 10 days of just juice—that’s not healthy.  Or any of the weird concoctions companies sell to “help” you detox (which probably will need to be detoxed itself).  Just give your body more of the good stuff it needs, and less of the bad stuff it doesn’t.

The other thing I like about this real food detox is it gives participants a chance to learn just what they can make work.  Because it is a defined period of time, it’s easier to make bigger changes—because they too shall pass.  But I have found this time around, and in the past, that it helps me realize that hey, I do like to eat lots of veggies.  And no, I don’t really need all that wheat.

I’ll still eat some wheat, don’t worry.  There will never be a time real pizza is not a part of my life.

So this experience has been interesting to me to participate in, and I really feel like it was a good break between holidays to recharge my body.  So of course I am going to say, you should participate when I offer the program again!  But more than that, choose a couple good eating habits, and say you are going to stick to them for 7 days or 10 days, or whatever works for you.

Then for your best (giving yourself grace when you slip), and see what you learn about your body and your tastes!  You may be surprised at how quickly you get to the point of saying, “I don’t really need that…”  Good luck!